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Environmental Specialist Dakota County 6/7/2017
BMP Specialist 1/24/2017
Soil Scientist MDA Job number 9976 12/14/2016
Biologist-NRCS 9/28/2016
Septic Inspector- LeSueur County 7/1/2016
Wetland Specialist Rochester 5/12/2016
Hydrologist 3/4/2016
Soil Scientist MPCA 2/19/2016
GIS Specialist 2/10/2016


U of MN  Southwest Research and Outreach Center Student Assistant 3/19/2017

Hydrologist Intern 12/28/2016

Hydrologist Intern 2/29/2016

Seasonal Intern North Fork Crow River Watershed District 1/08/2015

Pope Swift Cooperative Weed Management Intern. (hydrologist) 1/21/2015
Shallow Lake Program Internship 1/12/2015
Petroleum Remediation Program-Paraprofessional St. Paul, MN 4/17/2014

Big Stone SWCD Intern 3/23/2014

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms 2/19/2014

Water Resource Intern Position 2/12/2014

Volunteer Opportunities
Department of Natural Resources 7/1/2015


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Riverland Community College in Austin, MN seeking PT Faculty Instructor

This position would be an adjunct faculty teaching a 3 credit course onsite at Riverland Community College in Austin, MN.  While such a teaching load seems minimal at this time, there are opportunities to increase workload through applied research projects (based on grant funding) and/or mentorship of HS Ag faculty.  With Riverland’s success rate in attracting over $1M in funding for Ag programs within the past 10 months, we are actively pursuing collaborative projects that will provide our adjunct faculty with both flexibility and a competitive compensation package.  
So please let us know of any BS in Ag (or related Ag field) with 1-2 years field or soil research experience, please let me know.  Ideally, a PhD scientist or even better, an ABD (all but dissertation) or PhD student would be better given our desire to pursue both domestic and international collaborative applied research projects.

If you are interested please contact:  [email protected]