MAPSS Committees

MAPSS 2019 Executive Committee 

President: Pete Weikle
 Past President: Benjamin Richardson
President Elect: Gary Krueger
Treasurer:  Suzanne Frances

Secretary: Terrry Bovee

MAPSS 2020 Executive Committee 

President: Warren Tuel, PSS
Past President: Gary Krueger, PSS
President Elect: Matthew Summers, PSS
Treasurer:  Pete Weikle, PSS 

Secretary: Luke Lunde, PSS

Technical Assistants

Auger Newletter Editor:  Kathryn Aro

Webmaster: Janine Anderson

Please contact the the President if you are a member who is interested on serving on one of our committees. 

Education Committee
The mission of the Education Committee is to develop specific educational projects and activities that promote the increase in knowledge of soils and the profession of soil science for children and adults in the state of Minnesota.

Kristin Brennan (Chair)

Peter Hartman, PSS

Howard Hobbs, PG

Mark Perry

Steve Lawler, PSS

Award Committee
The mission of the Award Committee is to recognize the achievements and success of our members. 
Jorja DuFrense

Election Committee


Membership Committee 
The mission of the Membership Committee is to conduct activities, which provide the opportunity for and encourage soil scientist and other interested individuals to join MAPSS. Goal is to is to increase membership of MAPSS for both full, associate and student members

Joseph Brennan
Luke Lunde
David Bauer, PSS
Professional Practice Committee
The mission of the Professional Practice Committee is to promote and sponsor activities related to professional practice of soil science.

Kelley Bopray, PSS
Gary Elsner, PSS
Tom Fait, PSS

Scholarship and Funding Committee
The mission of the Scholarship and Funding Committee is to select one or more recipients of a MAPSS scholarship annually.

Suzanne Frances, PSS - chair
David Bauer, PSS
John Beck, PSS
Nic Jelinski