Benefits of MAPSS Membership
As a member of MAPSS you receive discounts on two MAPSS events each year.  These are great opportunities to network with other soil scientists from all walks of life in the upper midwest.  You will also be the first to read the MAPSS newsletter and the first to receive job announcements!

What We Do
We support activities that provide continuing education for professional soil scientists and promote the understanding of soils. MAPSS offers:
  • Summer meetings where we go outside to look at soils, landscapes, geology, soil use, etc.
  • Winter meetings where we provide a forum for speakers to talk about advances in soil science and technology. The winter meeting is held on the first Friday in December.
  • Business meetings at our summer and winter meetings in order to keep members up to date with committees activities.
  • The chance to become an officer of MAPSS.
  • A variety of committees in which to participate.
  • A person we recognize a "Soil Scientist of the Year."
  • The chance to earn continuing education for licensed Professional Soil Scientists.


Minnesota Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design (Board of AELSLAGID) The Board of AELSLAGID meets on a monthly basis. The meetings are held in Suite 295 of the Golden Rule Building in Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The engineering, land surveying, geoscience (ELSGEO) section meetings run from 8:00 am - 10:00 am. The full Board meetings run from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. These meetings are open to the public. Contact Suzanne D'Souza (MAPSS Executive Secretary) at  612-741-1365  for additional information because she attends these meetings as a representative of MAPSS. The current Soil Scientist Board Member is Mary West, PSS. The dates of the meetings are on the MAPSS event calendar. The website for the Board is

Currently, the Board of AELSLAGID is reviewing the model law for soil scientists in Minnesota. Minnesota has very well written model law (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 326). In fact, it is so well written that many other states refer to our statutes. One item that is under consideration is adding and defining the term "work under direct supervision." When geoscientists were added to the Board of AELSLAGID, there was no provision for having a geoscientist-in-training work under the supervision of a licensed person because there weren't any at that time.

The Joint Professional Committee (JPC) The JPC is a group of representatives of the groups involved with the Board of AELSLAGID who get together to discuss topics of interest (primarily legislative) that affects our members. The meetings are held in the AIA Minnesota boardroom inside the International Market Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 11:45 am - 1:30 pm on every third or fourth Wednesday of the month. Bring your own bag lunch or there is a lovely salad/pasta bar in the building (a bit spendy but really good). The dates of the JPC meetings are on the MAPSS event calendar.


For copies of the Auger newletter click here.  
MAPSS 2015 Scholarship
The purpose of MAPSS in offering scholarships is to encourage qualified students to increase their
interest in the profession of soil science. The discipline of soil science along with related disciplines
such as soil conservation or natural resources will be considered for this scholarship.  Two individuals will receive $700 each.  This scholarship was first offered in 2011 in memory of Laurie Brown, a longtime MAPSS member.  Applicants must provide an application form, 150 word essay, and college transcripts. 

The 2015 MAPSS Scholarships have been awarded. Twelve students representing three schools in Minnesota (St. Cloud State, University of Minnesota - Duluth, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities) applied for these scholarships. Thank you to the MAPSS Scholarship committee for taking the time to review the applications. The two scholarships were awarded to:

Kaleiilma F. N. Holt - working toward a BS

Jared Spackman - working toward an MS

Looking for a professional soil scientist licensed by the State of Minnesota?   Click on the following link that will take you to the roster page of the Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience & Interior Design (Board of AELSLAGID).   You can look up professional soil scientists licensed in the State of Minnesota by either their last name or their license number.