Fundamentals of Soil Science (FSS) Exam Reimbursement Form

Information about becoming a Professional Soil Scientist

Professional Practice Committee 

Written by Gary Elsner (2016)

As some of you know, the focus of the Professional Practice Committee (PPC) over the last year or two, has been on promotion of licensing. Specifically, we have been working with the UMN Department of Soil Water and Climate (DSWC) to promote Soil Science Licensing for their students. The two biggest things we worked on were: 1) changes to the Soil Science minor to ensure that the courses needed to take the fundamentals exam, were included; and 2) creation of a reimbursement program for a significant portion of the exam fee. 

Regarding the minor, the DSWC description of the Soil Science Minor now says this. 

Soil Science: Students with a Minor in Soil Science meet the course requirements for the State of Minnesota Licensure program for Soil Scientists. An in demand field, state and federal agencies along with consulting firms require the expertise and knowledge provides by those with a soil science minor. 

Regarding the fundamentals exam:

 The reimbursement program for a portion of the exam fee has been in place for over a year (the application is on the MAPSS website). Our goal at the start was to have at least one student per year taking this exam. This is great news, we hope we can report at the annual meeting that Minnesota has 2 new Soil Scientists in Training. To assist these students, they will be able to apply to the PPC for partial reimbursement of their exam fee. Additionally, Dr. Jelinski is planning to organize study sessions to help these students prepare for the exam. PPC members have volunteered to assist with these sessions as needed. Our goal, as a next step in this process, is expansion of this effort to other schools in Minnesota and the surrounding states. If you are a teacher in one of these other schools or if you know of someone we should contact, please forward contact information to us at (